Beyond Imagination: A Path to God and the Divine Realm- Blake Sinclair

My mission Is to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness by empowering as many people as possible in discovering the greatness and divinity within for healing, guidance, and wisdom.

- Sir Blake Sinclair, GKCMA

Sir Blake Sinclair

Blake in Mt. Shasta

Sir Blake Sinclair is the CEO of Ultima Unlimited, Inc, writer, and author of three books of spirituality and health. He is also a Licensed Occupational Therapist, Certified Health Coach, PEMF (Kloud) certified, Reiki Practitioner, Internationally Recognized Blogger and is also a Grand Knight Commander for the Equestrian Order of Michael Archangel as well as the Good Will Ambassador for the House of Ghassan.

He has written about spirituality, enlightenment, metaphysics, health, longevity, and wellness.  He has been a guest writer for a couple of articles in a Shanghai based magazine company, was interviewed by Authority Magazine on health and stress and has published about 88 blogs.

He is a native of San Francisco, is also a mystic, philosopher and humanitarian but has extensive background in the medical field as a licensed occupational therapist with over 36 years of experience in the rehabilitation industry as a clinician (specializing in orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular, and pulmonary conditions as well as pain management and memory enhancement) and as an entrepreneur.

He is the founder of “U. U. M. M. ( Universal United Meditation Method) Meditation” and the “I AM Wellness Method” and is also a member of Marquis Who's Who for his dedication to the field of Healthcare Business Administration, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Ufology, and Health. He was also a previous member of the prestigious Mount Shasta Authors Guild.

Sir Blake has been interviewed by Richard Syrett on Coast to Coast AM ( the number one paranormal show in the world),the award-winning film director Chris Folkens of “Trigger,” Rob Thompson, TV host of the Ghost Finder TV show, Ric Bratton, host of This Week in America, Sean Stone, Eddie Hazzard at his People You Should Know TV show, Dame Bridget A. Guila at her Bridge to Wellness TV show, Jennie Nicassio and Tom Cahue at the Chasing Prophesy radio show, Jimmy Church at his Fade to Black live radio show, and Michael Parker at his podcast at Michael Parker Media.

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In addition, Sir Blake has been invited by the S.O.P.P. group (Symphony of Peace Prayers) to be an active participant and representative of spirituality in their local Oakland branch for four – six years. He has also acted as a US ambassador for the healing Mandala project from Japan. He acted as a bridge bringing healing mandalas from Japan to people in hospitals, assisted living, independent living, board and care as well as at home in the United States.

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