Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla have both predicted the future of medicine to be one of frequency medicine and healing.

That time has come and is here to change how we view health and wellness. Fortunately, Centropix scientists helped both those genius to bring their vision into reality.

If you are looking for the most cutting-edge health device, search no further. Centropix scientists have come up with some of the greatest technology for health and wellness.

My favorite ones are the Kloud units. They are the best PEMF machines in the market and was designed by the original creator or inventor of PEMF technology- Dr. Kafka.

I have used both of his Kloud units on myself, family, pets, and clients with great success! Find out more about this breakthrough in health technology.

Stress Management

In the modern fast paced world, it is difficult or impossible to escape the stress of life. If stress is prolonged, it will produce cortisol which can shut down the immune system.

This may possibly open the door to a host of autoimmune diseases and illnesses. It can also lead to decrease energy, sexual energy and work productivity which can adversely affect our work and relationships. Symptoms of stress may include depression, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability. Having great coping skills is a must if you want to succeed at work, relationships, and life. It will also help you to live longer.

I have successfully worked at the toughest and most stressful industries but have found excellent coping skills to allow me to be successful in business as well as in my personal life.

Let me take your stress away!

Memory Program or Neurocare

The incidence of dementia has been rising steadily each year. Due to our standard American diet and our sedentary lifestyle, it is expected that more people will have memory issues in the next decade.

I have worked with dementia clients or those who have memory issues for the past few decades and how found ways to improve memory from an eclectic, cutting edge, and holistic approach which has shown some good results if intervention is started in the early phases of the memory issues.

My sessions are done to educate my clients about how to maximize memory through memory exercises, memory tools, and memory techniques. I will review some of the breakthrough knowledge on how to systematically optimize your brain function whether you have dementia or not.

Life Coaching

We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with things that we need to be happy or successful. Unfortunately, much of the slick sales pitch is leading us into a life of deception and illusion.

As a result, more and more people are becoming unhappy with themselves and their lives despite having all the material comforts and money.

If you yearn for a meaningful, happy, and peaceful life, book a session with me and I will guide you into a journey leading to a life full of meaning, happiness and joy with yourself and others.

Geriatric Placement Consultation

As our parents age and grow weaker of the mind and body, there comes a time when living at home is no longer possible because your loved ones may need 24-hour care.

However, many people are unaware of the options that are available to them and think that the nursing home is the only option.

Since I have worked at all levels of healthcare, I am aware of the different levels of care that are available as well as resources that are available for those who have Medi-cal. A consultation with me will guide you towards the right direction and help you make the right decision for your loved ones so they can live the rest of their life with dignity, respect, and good care.

Health Coaching

Nowadays, it is extremely difficult to obtain good health. The odds are against us with toxins in the air, food and even our water supply. All these factors affect our immune system, health, and mental and emotional wellbeing.

Many of us have issues with health, weight and how we feel. Having a health coach can help you navigate through the complexities of your health more gracefully and bring you more happiness, balance, and harmony in life.

Alternative Care Referral Assessment

Our health and wellness are quite complex and is often a mystery that cannot be solved by traditional methods. The reason why is because our bodies are not built like a machine and we have many bodies (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies).

Each has its own needs but finding someone who understands the complexities of the bodies needs is difficult to find. Everyone has his or her specialty but having someone who has a good understanding of the intricacies of the body can be very insightful, save you a lot of money, and lead you to the path of healing and recovery.

I have spent my life studying various methods of healing and have found many alternative and holistic methods that have been quite effective. Allow me to assist you in unlocking the door that leads to greater happiness, health, and wellness.

Pain Management

The number of people suffering from pain is staggering and the number is expected to grow exponentially in the next decade.

It is most likely that you know at least one or two people suffering from some form of pain whether it is mental, emotional, or physical pain. Although many people suffer from chronic pain, there is hope.

Depending on how debilitating your pain and health is, there may be methods to help you to navigate through your pain much more gracefully and give you a better quality of life.

I have dealt with pain from a personal level as well helped many clients with their pain (emotional, mental, and physical).

There is a plethora of methods to employ to decrease the pain and inflammation.

My diverse background allows me to discuss a variety of methods to allow the body to regain balance and harmony.

Home Safety for the Elderly

Many of us may have elderly parents, relatives, and friends. As they get older, weaker, and frailer, they sometimes fall and break something. Those with Parkinson’s disease, a stroke or other neurological disease have a much higher incidence of falls.

One fall can result in fractures in the shoulder, ribs, hip, or pelvis which will require hospitalization and long-term rehab care.  Sometimes they can have an internal brain hemorrhage which can be quite fatal.

Having the right durable medical equipment at home can significantly reduce the risk of falls.

Understanding the importance of body mechanics for the elderly can reduce the fall risk by having furniture or chairs at the proper heights.

I have been in the medical field for over 36 years and have worked at the hospital, rehab facility as well as home care and have become a safety expert for the elderly to help prevent or minimize clients from falling risk.

Spiritual Journey -the Journey to the W.E.S.T. (Wisdom, Enlightenment, Salvation and Truth)

There are seven major religions and many more spiritual paths. Each guru or teacher has his or her own insights on the ultimate spiritual path. Unfortunately, many gurus and spiritual teachers are making spirituality into a business and are not interested in empowering their disciples, devotees or students to greater mastery and independence due to financial reasons.

This 10-session program is designed to guide the seeker into the path of empowerment, mastery, and enlightenment. It will assist the aspirant in discovering the inner guru or Divine Compass.

I have studied with many great masters, gurus, an oracle, Indian Saints, and spiritual teachers. I have even connected with many great Ascended Masters who have guided me throughout the years into greater spiritual mastery including Sri Ananda Mayi Ma, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Jesus, Buddha, Venerable Ajahn Lee and many more.
They have all guided me towards the path enlightenment, love, compassion, and the ultimate Truth.

I have been interviewed by many people on live radio, TV shows, and podcast, written many books and wrote 88 blogs of wisdom that were taught to me or I was guided to share the information by the great Ascended Beings.

This journey will change your life forever and help you to discover the master and greatness within.

The sessions will be in Zoom or phone calls.
Price 2,000.00

Home Health Rehabilitation Services

If you live in the East Bay and require home health services for RN, OT, PT or MSW services, you can contact my intake person at 925 248-9512.

This number is only for my home health services.

Services are generally covered by Medicare and private insurance through our participating agencies.

Knighthood or Damehood Opportunities

We are currently seeking individuals who are interested in supporting Prince Gharios in his humanitarian order- the Equestrian Order for Michael Archangel. It is a humanitarian order of nobility, chivalry, and camaraderie.

Visit us at for more details about how to join and the passage fee.

Become a modern-day Knight or Dame, meet a real-life Prince, get a tax write off and help make the world a better place through the great leadership of a beautiful soul and enlightened Prince Gharios.


The Price for all the above except the spiritual journey,
Home Health, Centropix, and Knighthood or Damehood
are as follows:

60-minute session

$ 220.00

Over 1 hour session

$ 25.00 /15 minutes

45-minute session

$ 175.00

30-minute session

$ 100.00


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